How To Avoid Illness All Year

Everybody has experienced at least one runny nose or scratchy throat in their lifetime, and nobody enjoys them. Often times, we associate the flu, colds, and their symptoms with the dreary winter months. Unfortunately, we can get sick at any time of year, so it is important to take precautions all year. Although you may not be able to dodge Sight Check and illness forever, taking the proper precautions can greatly reduce the likelihood and frequency of it.

1. Sleep

Not getting enough sleep wears down the body making it very susceptible to illness. Make a consistent effort to get enough sleep each night by following a routine and avoiding caffeine in the daytime. If you are struggling to sleep, do not be afraid of taking short naps to catch up. If you do everything else right, but never get enough sleep you will still be vulnerable to getting sick.

2. Eat right/ vitamins

The best way to get all the proper nutrients is from food. Eating the rainbow of fruits and veggies will give you all the vitamins you need, but not everyone can or will do this. Do your best to eat in a way that positively fuels your body, but supplement with a daily multivitamin if necessary. Consult your doctor about a vitamin that is best for you.

3.Moderate exercise

Daily moderate exercise helps to improve your overall fitness, which will in turn boost your immune system. Consistent exercise can also help with sleep, which is also important. If you are working out at a gym, take care to wipe off the machines and wash your hands after working out. Gyms are a great place to get a good sweat, or to accidentally catch some germs.

4.Stay calm

Stress is also a big factor in getting sick. Lots of stress can disrupt sleep, which is part of the reason stress can expose you to getting sick. Additionally, stress suppresses the immune system, which makes it much more difficult for the body to fight infection.

5.Wash up

We all know to wash our hands, but many people forget to before they prepare food or eat. Washing hands is not just after using the bathroom, make sure to wash them before handling or eating food, and before/after using public equipment. Gym machines, public computers, and many other shared items are likely to carry germs from many different people, and it is always better to be safe and wash before and after using such items.

There is no magic pill for completely avoiding getting sick, but there are important steps to help avoid it. Following these tips just in the winter may help you then, but practice them year round in order to keep your immune system and health up year round.

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